Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall Market 2010

Well,we've always loved the look and feel of wool but hadn't been able to find any that matched the look and feel of Quilt Country. Guess what we found at this Market? Yummy wool kits!

This one in particular just has me itching to get my needle and floss out. And, it'll be something cheery to work on during the upcoming yucky winter weather.

Who knew there were so many young new designers from Australia? We found several kid's clothing patterns, embroideries and take a look at this whimsical quilt. Can't wait to get started!

Oh. There's just one thing, I guess. We'd better get all the notions, books and patterns we brought back from Market organized, put out on the floor, models made, etc. Of course, there'll be stuff that we couldn't bring back with us coming in for quite a while, too. (Yippee!!) So, maybe my needle and sewing machine will have to wait just a little longer....

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