Sunday, August 10, 2008


I spent this past week visiting my mom and my brother in Georgia. It was a wonderful visit and we celebrated my brother's birthday where I also got to see both of my nephews, 2 aunts and a cousin.

I left to come home yesterday and when I got to the gate at the Atlanta Airport there was an exhibit there called Found Objects Transfigured. It was awesome and at the time it didn't occur to me that there was more of the exhibit in the airport. Time was very short and I was trying to take a few photos with my phone, keep an eye on my stuff and watch my coffee while they were starting to board my flight. I took one of the small catalogs near the display, which was behind glass, and when I looked at it on the plane I realized that there were several displays in the airport that I missed! Susan Shie has a piece in this exhibit but it wasn't near my gate so...

I have checked the web and can't really get a link with photos to give you but I will post my blurry, glarry, not so great photos anyway. If you are in the Atlanta Airport through August be sure to check out this exhibit in the T Gates area.
This one is by Jane Burch Cochran and called Rabbit Hash. There is amazing detail but of course you can't really tell in my photos.
This amazing "postage stamp" quilt is made with real postage stamps. I am so sorry I didn't get the name of the artist. It was really pretty too.
This piece is also by Jane Burch Cochran and I didn't get the name of the piece. It has a lot of yo-yos which I find amusing because it seems to me that most people do not like to make yo-yos and find them well...tacky and dated. Again sorry for the blur.
This really interesting piece is by Gordon Chandler. It is made from an old wooden hand truck. I thought it would look especially great in my friend Carol's back yard.