Wednesday, September 3, 2008


It was a crazy day at the shop. Since we are getting ready for the garage sale it was sort of busy and distracting all day. We also saw and ordered some beautiful new fabrics. Check out the garage sale photos below!

Linda stopped in and showed us two quilts she has been working on. They are both beautiful. This first photo is a king sized quilt made from silk ties. They are really pretty. She used a fusible interfacing on the back to keep them from unraveling.
The quilt below are blocks from a swap we did. Her quilt is stunning. She has an embroidery machine and embroidered beautiful blocks which she placed in between the swap blocks. Linda is one talented lady!

This beautiful block below is one of the larger embroidered blocks Linda made. Beautiful!
I wanted you to see a preview of the garage sale stuff!! IT IS AMAZING.