Friday, April 17, 2009

To the dump. To the dump. To the dump, dump, dump!

After many, many years of putting off the inevitable we cleaned out the storage room on Mill St yesterday. It was totally amazing, sort of like a clown car type of experience.

I wish I had thought to take a photo showing what it looked before. Suffice it to say that it was to the point of opening the door, throwing something in and shutting the door quickly. There were 6 of us and it took us 2 hours. Not bad.
First we took everything out. Oh my! I think the space is about 12' X 20'.
So after filling Joan's truck to the brim for the dump, Debbie's van for Goodwill, Sharon's van for the shop, Micki's cute little convertible trunk with quilts and my car for my house, we are done!! Doesn't it look great??? The boxes in the center are documents to be shredded.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In just a few short hours...

SO much can happen. Yesterday I realized the if Joshua and I were going to dye Easter eggs it would have to be that afternoon. When I picked Joshua up at school I told him we were going to dye eggs and also plant our 2 tomato plants, 1 cherry and 1 Celebrity. He was very excited.
We got all of the egg dying paraphernalia together and he decided to color them before he dyed the eggs. So he was busy coloring while I was getting things set up. He did a great job, as you can see. If you look at his hands you can see the progression of dye migrating.

Cool! Look what happens when you "accidentally" drop the egg in.

Who needs to use the spoon when I have opposable thumbs???

I don't think this dye is permanent...

Next we moved outside to plant our two tomato plants. Porsche was very interested, as you can see.

As you can see Joshua did a great job!

Now this is when all of the trouble started. Joshua and I got the hose and I turned it on very low. He watered the plants and did a fine job. I held the hose while Joshua went to turn it off. It seems that Joshua didn't know which way to turn the hose and turned it the wrong way! The water was pouring out and Porsche freaked out. She was running around trying to catch the water and getting more and more wet. We got the water off and then tried to catch Porsche. She was running everywhere getting all of those VERY irritating little oak tree pollen thingys all stuck in her hair AND then she went over and rolled and rolled in the mulch. Next it was back in the house to try to get the trash out of Porsche's hair and it was quite a pain. It took about 15 minutes. Joshua was really excited and was squealing the whole time and begging to get in the tub with her. We got all clean and I blow dried Porsche then we sat down calmly and watched the end of Chicken Little. Whew!

When Jesse came to pick Joshua up I decided to try the hat I knitted on Joshua. It looked pretty cute and was my first attempt at knitting on the double needles. The mittens? Well these were one pair of 4 1/2 pairs we found in the den!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Celebration of Life

Today was Joshua's birthday party at school. Instead of calling it a birthday party it is called a Celebration of Life. All of the children in the class, except for the birthday boy/girl. sit in a big circle. Joshua sat in a chair outside of the circle. The teacher put a tray in the center of the circle and on the tray was a large white candle with several smaller candles and a dish of sand. Around this she places pieces of paper with the months of the year on them in order. Then she asks Joshua questions about the earth and sun and how many days it takes the earth to go around the sun etc. Then she lights the center candle. Next she asks about being one year old and what you remember and/or did. He has to go to the circle of candles and walk slowly around them while the children all say the months of the year in order.

Then she lights one of the smaller candles. It continues like this until all of the candles are lit and then they sing Happy Birthday.

Then he puts all of the candles out.

It was really neat and he was embarrassed by the attention and kept trying to hide behind me. Once he even fell on the floor on his head. His teachers are so great and seem to take everything in stride.

Next he got to pick something from the "treasure chest" because he had gotten the certain number of stickers it takes to get something from the treasure chest. Apparently it is a big deal!
Next it was home to Granny and Granddaddy's house for a hug from Porsche and our little birthday party.

We got him a cream filled choc covered donut and had 5 candles on it.

Then he opened presents.
Grandaddy is so funny...

Grandaddy helped put the bionicles together. They are new easier with only about 12-14 pieces each.

Sunday is his big party. I am really glad we had the quiet party.