Friday, June 27, 2008

Lots of fun stuff

It has been a busy June so far. We have been working in the yard a lot and also having some work done in the yard. We finally had a HUGE bed that was 23' X 54' and 4' high (no kidding!) taken out of the front yard and grass put down. We have been fighting that thing since we moved into this house 4 1/2 years ago. Did you know that when you buy mulch that you need to be sure that it has been baked/treated for weeds??? Well if you ever get nut grass in a flower bed that is thick enough to might as well just plow or burn it off and start over. At least that is our experience.
Quilt Country has also been really busy. The two sales at the beginning of the month were fun and everyone seemed to enjoy them. We have gotten lots of Christmas fabrics and more is on the way. We have the new schedule ready and there are some fun classes. I have been wanting to take Joan's landscaping class and now there is Carol Mc's new fabric box that is tempting me. There are some photos of Carol's boxes below. Then we have 2 machine quilting classes using your small machine on the schedule. Martha is teaching a beginning machine quilting class and Carol Mo is teaching an advanced machine quilting class. These should be great!
I think Joshua and I may go see Wall-e today. It looks like great summer fun!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Boy does time fly!

It is hard to believe that my last post was the end of April. When I started this blog I had every intention of writing every week. Well, with the flood, quilt market, a visit to our moms in Atlanta and life the month of May just flew by. Sorry this post is so long but...

We did have a great time in Portland at Quilt Market and the weather was really nice. There are a lot of "free spirits" up there. Many people we saw had tattoos, piercings and pink or purple hair. They weren't all young either. It was neat and the city has a great public transportation system. One evening our group was on the lite rail with Sandy Gervais and her family and we were enjoying visiting so much that we missed our stop. That was funny and we all had a good laugh. When we split to go to our separate hotels we all said if we weren't at the convention center in the morning to come looking for us. The city of Portland is very into conserving water and energy and also into recycling. Even the toilets in the convention center had two ways to flush, up for liquid waste and down for solid waste. That is a neat way to put it, huh? There was lots of delicious seafood too.

One of our favorite booths at Quilt Market is the Artgirlz booth. Those girls are such fun! Below are photos of us together in their booth. There is also a photo of the quilt we are making in our Freaky Friday class this week. It uses their felted wool balls, flowers and squares with the charm in the middle.

Krissy had a beautiful quilt debut at Quilt Market, the Hibiscus. We have a red and a yellow version at the shop.

The Judy Day sew-in at the shop is going really well. One Sunday a month we sew on our Judy Niemeyer quilts from 9-5. Several of the group have finished one of their quilts. Since these quilts are like potato chips, you can't make just one, many of us have more than one going at a time.

Our applique group is meeting in the shop on the second Friday of every month EXCEPT for this month of course!!! I forgot and put the garage sale on that Friday so our applique group will meet on the third Friday in June. This is the quilt they are working on. The project they are all working on is from a book called Affairs of the Heart. This is not a class but they all help each other with tips and techniques so if you are interested come check it out on the the second Friday of each month except for June of course which will be the third Friday.