Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Floods, parties, inchies, Linus and more

What a wild and crazy last few weeks it has been. We have had swaps, birthdays, huge Project Linus Day, and of course the flood.

We are always busy just before Quilt Market because we are finalizing new patterns, taking care of photography and stuffing patterns. That is usually enough to keep things mildly nuts but this time... About 2 weeks ago my husband Tony, who usually gets up earlier that I do, yells back to the bedroom "Sandy, grab some towels and come help mop up the kitchen." I jump out of bed and before I can get the towels and get there he yells again, "Never mind, just go back to sleep." As if that could happen. I walk in the kitchen and it is covered in water. A pipe under the sink had broken and apparently the water had been flowing for hours and hours. Every room in the house was covered in water and the den had 3" of standing water. Where do you begin? Well, it is 2 weeks later, the contractors have been out and it looks like we will be in the remodeling phase for a while. Below is a photo of the back door in the den, after we had gotten about 1"-2" of water out. We are SO lucky though, almost none of our personal possessions were damaged!

This is a photo of the kitchen with the fans. They are trying to dry out the cabinets. It didn't work so the lower cabinets will be replaced in the kitchen. If you want to see all of the photos you can check out my smugmug site The fans are so noisy and in every room so we were in a hotel for 4 nights. It is good to be back in the house with all our stuff!

INCHIE SWAP - Remember the inchies I told you about? Well, 11 of my friends and I had a quick little swap and it was so fun! We had about 2 weeks to sign up, get them done and turn them in. Some of us made 12 just a like and others made each one different. They are SO cool. I think I will put them on a bracelet, but I haven't done that yet. The photo below shows the 12 inchies that I received. I love them all and each one is so different.
This photo shows some of the swappers oooooing and ahhhhhing over each person's swap.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Last weekend was Krissy's birthday and Jesse wanted to give her a surprise party. It was fun and the cake was beautiful. I picked up some of the items for the party and did a really goofy thing. I went by and picked up the plates but forgot the napkins so when I went back to get them I totally forgot which plates I had gotten and the result was NOT pretty!

PROJECT LINUS - Last Wednesday was Project Linus day. One Wednesday a month is dedicated to making quilts for Project Linus. This past week the ladies were VERY prolific!!! The completed 14 quilt tops and have several more that are partially done. Amazing. You can come join the group at Quilt Country on May 21 and June 18. It us such a worthwhile project.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Very Hungry Caterpillar, Angelina and dollies

I can't believe how quickly time passes and that it has been so long. Time sure flies when life is zooming by! The Dallas quilt show, Freaky Friday and Easter just flew by. The show was really beautiful and the guild did a super job, as usual. There were some beautiful quilts and some interesting quilts too. We were busy in our booth demoing the yo-yo makers. I am working on a mini yo-yo quilt for the American Girl doll bed at the shop. It is looking really cute! The yo-yos are about the size of a nickle.
Last week we received the CUTEST fabric. The Very Hungry Caterpillar panel and coordinates arrived. They are just beautiful just like the photos in the book. It is going really quickly with several shoppers getting 2, 3 and more of the panel. Joan is working on a really cute model and we have already ordered more of the fabric.

We had a fun time making our embellished dolls last month and this coming Friday (just 2 days away!!! April 4) we are going to work with Angelina. Below are some of the interesting dolls that were made in our class last month. There seemed to be a slight fascination with cleavage. Some used the felted wool for the heads and others used photos from magazines. Unfortunately some of the photos were too blurry to use.

Juanita brought here absolutely precious fiber charm bracelet. I have to admit to being green with envy. I want one too! She was in an on line group that did the swap. Uh-oh, I think I feel another swap coming on!