Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday treats or why you should never flush jellied cranberry sauce down the toilet!

OK, after Thanksgiving I took all of my “fat” food up to the store and the girls have been eating on it for a few days. A few days later I tossed the leftovers but the really juicy ones I thought would be better flushed. We don't have a disposal at work and they were to liquidy to go in the trash bag. So I got two containers flushed and then it was time for the sliced, jellied cranberry sauce. The slices just perfectly fit in the hole in the toilet. The toilet started filling up, I took the lid off of the back and stopped the flow of water. All the time I am sort of yelling. Judy and Micki came running. We couldn’t even use the plunger because the water was at the top edge. So Judy scooped most of the water out and then we used the plunger. It just made each slice of cranberry sauce pop up. I reached in and got them and then we did another slice. We were laughing so hard they heard us in the front of the shop. It all worked out fine and I am SO glad the bathrooms were cleaned at lunchtime that day!